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About Mama Tee and her spell casting services


Why should I use this service?

When it comes to spell casting, Mama Tee has no equal. She is highly skilled with many years of experience providing solutions to several love issues with the help of her love spell. Mama Tee treats her clients well by considering them first before any other thing. She also takes her time to give detailed attention to each client trying to catch every glimpse of things that needs a turnaround. Being a welcoming and friendly individual, Mama Tee always accepts people with open arms and give equal attention to messages irrespective of whether you have an active order with her or not. With that in place, you can drop her a message at any time and you will be amazed at her quick response. If you were to ask what Mama Tee’s main goal is, that would definitely be helping people. Her primary aim is to bring smiles to people’s faces and make them filled with love.

Are love Spells real?

Absolutely yes! Love spells are authentic. This special type of magic has been around for centuries and many people have benefited from it in one way or another. Another form of spell that might surprise you, even more, is prayer because it involves seeking the help of a deity to help you get what your heart desires. According to what we shared earlier, spells do work in ways we never really expect to, ways that are difficult to comprehend or does not even deliver the expected results. Despite this uncertainty, you can be certain to make it work out in an incredible way if you choose to allow a competent and experienced spell caster help you out. Mama Tee doesn’t just cast a spell, she makes use of Universal energy from the moon to help solve whatever problem it is that you may have.

How Do I contact Mama Tee?

For the first time, you will be contacting Mama Tee through her email  [email protected]  or on her whatsApp  number +27725111678. This first phase of you contacting her is referred to as consultation. More so, you need to be patient with her and give her a maximum of 1-2hrs to reply to your message. She usually has quite a number of messages to attend to. But in no time, she will reply to yours.


Working with Mama Tee


What is the success rate of Mama Tee’s spells?

Mama Tee’s success rate is astonishing and the reviews left on her website by her previous clients is enough to testify to that. Casting your spell with Mama Tee gives you this secured guarantee that you are actually in safe hands. In addition to getting all that you want, you will also have access to great customer service.

How long will it take for results?

The ideal time for a spell to work and you begin to see it manifest is one week. Although this usually varies depending on how well the spell was able to take energy from the supernatural and make things work out. There are some clients that have actually seen the spell begins to manifest in less than a week. While there are those that had to wait more time before they were able to get that which they want. Perhaps after a week of casting this spell you are not really satisfied with your end result, take time to contact Mama Tee immediately. She will take out time to revisit your problem and boost the already exhausted energy.

What are Seal Spells?

This is the extra energy boost used on a spell to act as an additional layer of energy. This energy often serves as protective energy should in case something goes wrong in the process. Seal spell usually takes away all the obstacles that the main spell might encounter on its way to manifestation.

What Information is needed from me?

Speaking of questions that Mama Tee is most likely to ask you? She will ask of your age, full name, a photograph, your date of birth and some other basic things about you.  The reason why you will be providing all this information is to help make the spell casting process easy

Does my country and time zone affect the Spell?

Differences in timezone do not really affect the efficiency of a spell or how it works. The universe does not work with timezones which mankind fabricated to make sense out of a complex situation. Therefore you can contact Mama Tee to help you cast this spell from any part of the world.

How old must I be to use this service?

For you to be able to cast a spell with Mama Tee, you must be above 18 which is the legal age in all countries.

General Questions on Spells


Does casting a spell means I should be expecting the Boomerang effect in the future?

Absolutely no! Mama Tee cast spells in such a way that it does not bring back any evil. She makes use of good energy which is the energy from the universe. What this automatically means is that you don’t have to bother it haunting you after casting it.

What about bad Karma?

Mama Tee never wants anyone to weep that’s why she is always very concerned with bad Karma. Mainly because of that, she usually cast this spell in such a way that no one will experience bad karma

Am the religious type; will cast a spell to affect my religion?

Religion and spell work are two separate things that are not related. And this means that it has no effect on religion and vice versa. A spell is a special force that makes use of magic to extract energy from the universe and make things happen. Whereas religion has nothing to do that.

Do you wish to make use of this spell to make changes in any area of your life? Take advantage of this free consultation and get in touch with Mama Tee.

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