Love and affection sometimes behave like a magnet, it keeps pulling you back to your ex every second even though he or she broke your heart and left you for someone else. With the help of a good spell, love is not over until you say it is over. There is a fast spell to win an ex back  that can help you win your ex back and make the relationship feels like the both of you just met and are about starting your love all over again.

The Spells that we cast posses powerful energy that helps to bring out the true feelings in the heart of your ex, invoking what he or she really feels for you regardless of who your partner is with currently. This spells will work out well for you once you get it done the right way.  However, it is important for you to know that the reason why you want our ex back to be pure and not based on vengeance or revenge.

The way spells work is quite simple, this spells manipulate the power that surrounds thoughts, actions and the surrounding natural elements to win the heart of your ex. Although, it only works on love and feelings that already existed in the heart of your ex. It will do you no good if you plan using it for a negative effect. However, It is also very much possible that your ex-decided to regress his or her love, feelings and thoughts just to let go of you. If your case is similar to this, then this spell will blow your mind because your ex will run back to you begging you to take him or her back.

Note: Just in case you need a professional help to help you win your ex back,  you can contact us below to help you out.

By the way, I will share a quick and simple spell that you can cast all by yourself to help win your ex back. This will work out if you get all the required spell materials and follow the steps carefully but if you feel you can’t get it done all by yourself, contact Mama Tee to offer you her professional help.

The required material to cast a spell to win back an Ex

  • The photograph of your Ex.
  • Chamomline and baking powder (seven teaspoons each)
  • A small pot and a wooden spoon
  • Three quarts of water
  • Candle lights(fourteen pieces)

How to cast this spell to win your ex back

This particular type of spell must be done in a bathroom because it gives you enough room to collect water in the sink. This spell is most effective when you think your ex will already be asleep. Therefore, midnight is most recommended. Background sound should be reduced completely to achieve a quiet environment. After all, this has been achieved, you need to light seven candles in your kitchen and bathroom. Then place the photograph of your ex at a place on the sink where you can maintain eye contact. While in the kitchen, boil 3 quarts of water for 7 minutes and add your 7 teaspoons of chamomile. Take it off the flame and continue stirring with a wooden spoon, while doing this, keep your mind connected with that of your partner for approximately 30 minutes.

After this process, take your mixed liquid to your bathroom, pour the liquid into a plugged sink filled with water and add your seven teaspoon baking powder. The next thing online is to build up the positive energy in you,  transfer the urge to win your ex back holding your hands on water, your eyes on the photograph. If this is done the right way, you will feel the momentum within you and the spells will spill from your mouth without you even knowing.

If you find this spell a bit tedious, then I don’t think you need to waste your time trying to make it work. All you need to do is to contact Mama Tee to help cast the spell on your behalf and watch the wonders of magic.

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