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Lost Love Spell-A Satisfied Client

The morning was cold; the feeling of the airy breeze stung my skin. I had to ignore it, I was too late for work to consider going back to the house just to take a scarf to cover myself or probably change my skirt into a trouser. Kyle would kill me, right now, he just waits for me to make the simplest mistakes and then he let loose all hell on me even in the presence of the other staffs. I have become a constant point of mockery and jest in the office. The humiliation was so much but then, I could not let out my hurt in public, and I knew I had to be strong in their face even though I was dying on the inside. My last prayer was that Mama Tee was as good as she claimed or I would be ruined forever.


I was 21 when I first met Kyle. I wouldn’t say I was naive, because we both had a connection from the first day we saw each other. As a fresh university graduate going job hunting, I felt that pursuing a relationship with Kyle was going to be to my advantage as well. Besides, he was so interested in me, in fact more interested in me than the other boys I had met. I didn’t rush into it, I took things pretty slow. Kyle was the boss, the CEO of the proposed company I was going to work for. He was young, freaking rich, handsome and super intelligent (my major turn on for him). But my fear was majorly around one thing, he was the boss, how would I cope with dating the boss?

After getting employed by the company, I became more and more aware that the other female workers were in a constant form of inbuilt competition among themselves. So when news got out that the boss was interested in me, the uproar of jealousy and scorn towards me was so massive. I didn’t care, I was in love and nothing was going to stop me.

That was 4 years ago. We’ve come along way; I mean I am 24 now. Things were going on well between I and Kyle until one day when I went to spend the night at his place, he woke me up very early that morning and in a very cool calm and collected voice, he told me he was no longer interested in pursuing the relationship and in fact, he had found love elsewhere, someone he was willing to marry. My world crashed, I was dumbfounded. I could not move or even utter a word; I just wished that the floor would swallow me or even a car just run into me. I wanted to die. I had built a whole four years of my life around him, my family and friends had even begun asking me when we were going to get married. I couldn’t take it, I cried and begged him for a second chance, I was a broken woman, I told him I couldn’t leave without him, yet all my plea fell on deaf ears.

From that morning, Kyle was a total stranger, he was not the man I fell in love with, the man who would look for any small opportunity to spoil me with love. This Kyle was harsh, insultive and disrespectful to me. I wanted to quit, but i knew i couldn’t. This was my only source of livelihood now. I became a subject of ridicule in the office, all the jeers and mockery was always directed to me. It was extremely unbearable.

I thought about committing suicide a lot of times. It was the only remedy in sight. I had convinced myself that it was what I need. I gathered myself and got out to take get drugs, whatever combination it was, any simple overdose would do the job. As I walked quietly through the street to the drug store, something in the distance caught my eye:


At first I chuckled

‘Scams everywhere’ I thought to myself.

On a second thought, I reconsidered, what would it hurt, this was probably going to be my last night on earth. I took a turn and headed to the spot where I saw the sign.

Within the space of 5 minutes, I had met with the supposed spell caster a certain ‘mama tee’. Spending just 10 minutes with her, she gave me so much hope, one that my friends had not been able to give since my 5 months break up with Kyle. It was truly beautiful. In a very weird way, i began to believe in mama Tee and her spells. She assured me that she could cast a spell for me that was going to get me back my lost love. I was sceptical but she told me I needed to believe in spell and remove all doubt for the spell to work. I wanted Kyle back, and so I was ready to do whatever it took.

Mama tee casted the spell and she told me to get ready to see the shocking turnaround when i resumed at the office on Monday. She told me not to forget to call her and share with her the outcome. I paid for the services with the money i intended using for the drugs and went back home.


Through the weekend, I heard nothing from Kyle or even my friends, it was long and tension filled. Finally, today is Monday, I was so tensed i slept late and forgot to take a scarf to cover myself. I walked in briskly into the office, half expecting the worse.

I didn’t even drop my bag before Kyle’s secretary called at me,

‘Boss has been looking for you’. The others laughed at me, as usual. My heart sank, Mama Tee has failed, I was surely going in for another round of humiliation.

I arranged my dress and walked into Kyle’s office. For the first time in 5 months, i recognize a look i had not seen, i look of love, of want and of kindness. I couldn’t explain it, i didn’t understand it.

Before i could say a word, Kyle knelt down on one foot and with tear s in his eyes, told me how sorry he was for the way he had treated me.

‘Please marry me Naya, I’m an incomplete and broken man without you’


I am a testimony because of Mama Tee. The fact that i know her spells is 80% difficult to reverse and most times impossible, made me at peace.

If you ever find yourself in the position which I did, don’t hesitate to reach out to mama Tee and let her cast you an effective lost love spells.

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