Love Spell to Bring Back Your Ex Boyfriend

Love Spell to Bring Back Your Ex Boyfriend

Love just happened. Break up and make up. Sometimes, it’s an unending circle of hurt – bliss – hurt again – bliss again. At some point, I decided that I need to take control of my relationship. I was so tired of the uncertainty. Finally one day, he left. He simply said he was tired and wanted to move one. I was devastated, I cried my hearts out. This is someone I had dedicated three years of my life to, how could he just wake up one morning and say he was tired, tired of what? I knew things had been rusty between us in recent times. Our job kind of drew us apart in a weird way, our communication level dwindled, pockets of misunderstandings and quarrels and conclude it, tired nights. All this did not help our love life. In a way, I was half expecting something irrational from him, but definitely not a break up. I knew he loved me, though I wasn’t so sure of that position any more at the time, but he was someone I could always vouch on his love for me.

I lost my urge to live, I felt hopeless, worn out and extremely unattractive. Maybe if I had put up some efforts to salvage the relationship, it wouldn’t have gotten to this. I was too busy catering for things that did not matter, things that didn’t bring me happiness while I abandoned the one thing that made me happy and gave me the feeling of total completeness. These were the thing I blamed myself for.

As time went on, the break up became harder; I tried all I could to win back his love. I called, texted, went over to his place to beg and even called my friends and even some of his friends to also beg on my behalf, all to no avail. I was miserable for a very long time. It felt like nothing was working, I looked like a mess myself, I had barely eaten, I lost appetite for food and for good company. I received several queries at work, at the time, I didn’t care. They could throw me out for all I care since everyone was already doing that; they could as well join the band wagon. Crazy!! I was completely and gradually losing my mental and psychological balance.

One evening, I decide to take stroll, I was exhausted and at that point I was ready to take control of my heart. I have heard of love spell severally, but since I did not believe in spells at the time, it never occurred to me to try it out. In fact, with my pairs, I would randomly mock other women who take to spell casting in maintaining their love life.

Gradually, it began to dawn on me, there was no harm trying out some love spells. I have heard of a certain Mama Tee who folks say was the best love spell caster; I was going to pay her a visit. The next day, I went straight to visit Mama Tee, I narrated my ordeal and told her I needed a love spell to bring back my ex boyfriend.

With a soothing voice, she made me feel that everything was going to be alright, in less than 30minutes, she prepared a spell for me and taught me how to cast it. She assured me severally that in 24hours the love spell was going to bring back my ex boyfriend. I had faith in the spell, atleast that was all I could do.

Mama Tee is the most revered spell caster around, I knew I had to reason to be worried, but a little part of me was very worried, she said it would work in 24hours. I wasn’t quite sure I believed that. It was almost impossible. For four months, I had begged and cried for my ex to come back, but I had failed. What were the chance that my Ex was going to be back just because I met a certain Mama Tee and she casted a love spell to bring back my ex boyfriend? The chances were pretty slim.

The next day I went to work as usual, and just after midday, I received a call on my office phone;

‘Someone is here to see you; he said his name is Kure. He wants me to tell you he made a mistake and he is sorry, he wants to see you and talk’

I could not believe it. Mama Tee’s SPELL WORKED IN LESS THAN 24HOURS.

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