The witchcraft and  traditional world is fully packed with different types of magical rings to help facilitate ritual practices. These rings are separately designed for a specific purpose, but they all serve the same primary function which is to channel magical energies. These magical rings are usually everyday object in our lives as individuals, but they transform into a divine tool when Mama Tee who happens to be an expert in empowering objects with magical powers. When this happens, these tools becomes divine and are capable of doing anything such as seduction, increase wisdom, control, attraction and several other things that you want.

For any of these tools to serve the purpose it was meant to serve, the tool has to be materials from natural resources. It mustn’t be chemically fabricated, it has to be 100% natural with no synthetic additives. For instance, if you want to choose a leather material, it had to be made form animal hide and if it has to be Wood, the material must be solid wood and not chipped wood. Also, you need to understand the fact that you mustn’t take any of these magical rings for granted while using them. You need to avoid this mainly because they are divine tools and when you choose to use them, they automatically carry divine powers that is only meant to work for the person it was designed for in the first place.

Mama Tee is indeed a one of a kind, she uses divine tools to cast spells that will help you achieve whatever you want.

You can reach Mama Tee via Whatsapp   and If what you want is a one on one conversation, you can reach Mama Tee via email [email protected] to book a session with her.

Love charm Ring

Love is a  special force of attraction, a corner stone that virtually controls the world. Without love, there is definitely no one who will be able to live a happy life. For many years, the knowledge of love charm rings have been passed down by my ancestors to my parent and this has been used to solve people’s problems anywhere they find themselves. This includes stopping a lover from cheating on you  Attract a new lover, make someone fall in love you,make the bond in your Marriage stronger, and other crucial love matter. Also, they have been used to commit people more to their relationship, try to get your ex back to you, or simply make someone to agree to marrying you.

Magic Rings for Fertility 

Have you been trying everything possible to get pregnant, but you have been unable to do just that? Do you want to put and end to your infertility and bare your own children? You can achieve all these with Magic rings for fertility.

When you choose to use this magic ring, you will be able to get rid of bad energies and put an end to your infertility and impotency. With the ring, you will become fertile and active again.

Also, you will be able to remove all the unwanted spirits in your life and bad luck that might be stop you from getting your own children. You can also heal male infertility if you feel the problem is from your man.

Fame magical ring

You can reach me via email let’s work together to know the purpose if your magical ring and how to use it. Right here, we specifically design a magic ring for you. Whatever it is that you seek, be it fame, money, wealth, health , money and many more, you will find everything in what we have to offer. Perhaps you want someone to notice you without even trying to OR even win someone else’s favor easily. The fame ring right here will help you with whatever it is that you want.

Power Magical Ring

When you have this powerful ring in your possession, you can choose to make positive effects on your stars and have a successful love life, look attractive to everyone, have a successful business and protect your journey in life. This ring also help to protect you from people that want to fool you, let miracles start in your life, and give you a fruitful life. If you want riches, this spell can also help you with that. If you have been having bad luck all your life, you can change them into good lucks. With this powerful ring, nothing will be able to stop you from achieving what you want.

Protection magical rings

When you have the right Power in your possession, all your enemies will become dumb and will never say anything bad about you. As a principal focus, you will become a force of attraction everywhere you find yourself. This simply means you will be able to do wonders and get what you want done. The magical spell of this ring will help protect your relationship from outer interference s that will affect your relationship. It will also help you sort your debt, and make sure you become financially successful.

Spiritual Magic Ring

Magic rings are also used to focus spiritual powers and energy to help improve your prosperity and luck. When you do this, it offers you protecting and help to cure your diseased. A magical ring can also be used to achieve anything that you desire in the future and amplify your spiritual well-being and power.

When you use this spiritual magical ring, you wiil be able to focus your magical intentions on what you want to achieve with the help of this magical ring. As a result of this, you will be able to achieve your intentions be it prosperity, love, fertility, or luck.

Money magical ring

Why don’t you find a way to get rid of all your financial problems and find a way to introduce the stars of money into your astro chart. The efficiency of this ring is guaranteed and it will help you with all your financial problems and get you to the next level. Once this happens, you will have enough to save and invest. All the financial blockages will be removed as well and you will have all you need to be happy.


If you want to achieve anything that you desire, there are several ornaments with magical abilities with the unique powers of spells, Wicca, and jinns. Maybe all you desire is money, success, wealth and fame, the magic ring that we have here will you achieve all these without any difficulty.

I don’t take part in faking people, as a result of this buy rings from shops with claims to have fortify them with powers. The magic tools that I have right here has been a part of my family for ages (1819) passed down from fathers grandfathers. These power men were no ordinary men, they were healers with powerful magic and abundant knowledge of magic itself. Over time, they have practiced the use of these tools and have the entrusted with the powers to use them appropriately. Also, they were fortunate enough to meet other healers and learn from them as well to build their knowledge base. With these they had the power to carry out wicca, spells and jinns of all kind.

My grant grand fathers were wise enough to teach the powers and skills and the act of spell casting that have acquired to their children who were specially selected by ancestral spirits. This process continued down the lineage until the moment i was born also. Unlike others in my family line, I was born with divine natural powers and I was also chosen by the ancestral spirits. While growing up, My father and grandfather also started teaching me how to master these powers and the best way to use them. With time, I learnt them all and become a professional at what I do. People often refer to themselves has healers, but it’s quite unfortunate that not many have the supernatural powers of solving problems like they do claim.

In other to try to keep up, these group of people usually go extra mile to to attain these powers and in most cases, they will end up disguising to be real healers. But since you are here with me, I will share a secret about people like this with you. The truth is, they never have the right powers to offer you anything, in fact all they do is fake and will most time leave negative effects on whosoever it is used on.

I don’t offer my divine tools for sale, but you will have access to them if you decide to cast a spell with me mama tee.

The magical rings used here are fortified with divine powers that are Supreme. Being a doctor who knows all that is needed to fortify them, the first thing I do is to check the roots of your problem and try to figure out the best spiritual powers that will be used to fortify your ring. Although I might not share this with you, but you can be assured that whatever I share with you has a direct linkage to your roots. Also, I do make sure that the rings that I will give you will be compatible to you and will in no way interfere with all the natural forces that surrounds you and also enhance the things that are in your possession.

The Magic ring that will be Given to you has the powers to help you achieve whatever is in your favor. With it, all that you wish for will be granted and you will be able to get whatever you want and make your wish become realities. Mama Tee is capable of doing all of these and you will be able to achieve them with her help.

when you are finally given this divine tools, you will also be given the incantations which can be used to control the powers of these spell. With this in place, no one will ever be able to use this tool against you because you will have the power to control them.

Note: ” My Divine powers are not just limited to rings alone, it you want other personal ornaments such as bangles, bracelets, belts, necklace, and walking sticks, my powers can also be used to carry these Powers”