No Contact After Argument: How To Make Him Call You After A Fight?

‘How to make him miss me after a breakup?‘

‘How to make him text me first?‘

‘How to make my boyfriend love me again?‘

‘My boyfriend is ignoring me after a fight what should I do?’

‘Does he want me to fight for him?’

‘How to make him call me after a fight?’

’We had a disagreement and he hasn’t called…’

‘Does he miss me after the argument?’

‘Boyfriend avoids me when I’m upset…’

‘He left me after a fight…‘

These are some of the most asked questions in my 35 years of career as a professional spell caster. 

Are you feeling depressed after a fight with him? Did your husband or boyfriend turn off the phone and ignore you or even run away when you argue? Are you two sleeping apart and have no talking in 2 weeks? No contact after argument or breakup?


Did you just have an argument with the boyfriend and looking for ways of reconnecting after a big fight? If yes then keep reading. This guide is going to help you a lot and make him call you instantly if you are constantly fighting in a relationship.

How To Make Him Call You After A Fight?

You can use the law of attraction to manifest love from a specific person. The 5 most effective love spells to get someone to contact you after an argument is Visual Power Spell, Third Eye Chakra Spell, Tarot Card Spell, Love Letter Spell, and Bay Leaf Spell. Keep scrolling for a detailed step by step guide to make him call you after a fight.

These love spells will enable every lover to find solutions to the problems they are currently facing. Do not wait or walk away, it is time to rebuild the perfect bond with the special ones and let the relationship flourish. These love spells focused on reconnecting after a big fight will work instantly to make him miss you. 

To make the love spells work immediately, it is important that you perform the love spells exactly in the manner written or told by the expert. Moreover, while casting these love spells, it is very important that you have a positive and clear vision about the person for which you are casting the love spell, else negative power will cause some damages. These love spells require a happy mood as in case of a terrible mood, negative energies will affect the whole process.

No 1. Visual Power Spell. 

How to make him call you and miss you after a fight?

If there is no contact after an argument then you need to try this spell. In this spell, we will use the law of attraction to send positive energy to the universe, and in return universe forward that energy to the one you love. 

Take a sheet having red or any color and, in the middle, write the name of your crush in a manner that it makes a circle. While doing so, you should keep on imagining that your crush is about to call you or is going to send you a message. Now pin a needle in the center of the paper. Now take that paper and place it near your phone. 

He will contact you afterward and the time will depend on the strength of your desire.

No 2. Third Eye Chakra Spell. 

How to manifest a call from someone instantly?

Sometimes you just do not know if he still loves you after a fight. Try this simple love spell to test it out. You only need a bay leaf to get started. Write the name of the one you want to call on the bay leaf and place it on Third Eye Chakra which is your forehead between your eyes. Now chant the lines “Call me – my phone now rings; to my ear, (loved one’s name) voice brings.” Now hold the leaf and phone together for a couple of minutes and wait for the call. 

Sometimes it may take hours to see the effect depending on the strength of the mind power.

No 3. Tarot Card Spell. 

This love spell is especially regarded as a love spell to get your ex back after a breakup. So if you are wondering how to make him miss you after a breakup then this trick is for you to try now.

For this, you’ll need your phone and Queen and Lovers from Tarot cards in which you are Queen and Lovers are both you and your ex. Place the Lovers cards on your phone and chant the following “May the person I truly love (your ex’s name)” Now place the card of the Queen over the Lovers card and chant: “Call me and may no-one’s feelings get hurt in the process.” 

The one you broke up with will call you and try to repair the broken relationship. He will want you back after the fight, be ready to show up for your partner.

No 4. Love Letter Spell. 

This spell is regarded as a love spell to make your boyfriend/girlfriend call you and commit. If he ignores you after the argument, instead of waiting in silence try this love spell instead. 

Now write a love letter to your boyfriend/girlfriend with red ink and place the love letter under your pillow. Now chant the lines “Send my letter to the holder of my heart, deliver this message. Receive this message, my love, and call me, as I will so mote it be.” 

Chant the lines till you fall asleep and your loved one will soon call you.

No 5. Candle Spell.

This is a love spell that works immediately and shows instant results especially for lovers in long-distance relationships. Try it when your boyfriend is still mad at you.

Take a candle, the yellow one is preferred as it depicts positive feelings, and lights it. 

Left the candle so that it may burn for a few minutes while you should keep on thinking about the person you want to contact. After that, take a needle and write the name of the person you love on the candle carefully. Now pierce the needle through the center of the candle but it has to be done with care as it may extinguish the flame accidentally. 

Before the flame comes to the needle, your special one will miss you and call you.


Watch this video if you like the ideas and want more love spell inspiration. Here I shared 5 more effective love spells to make him call you after a fight. Make sure to subscribe to the channel for future content. Leave a comment if you have any questions for me to answer.

There are many synonyms for love spells like magic spells and love magic. Love spell means some magic tricks to accelerate the feelings of love between different individuals. If you are thinking that it includes various spells to make someone love you or fall in love with you then you are in the wrong direction.

There’s no external power that can force someone to be in love with you. Love spells are those spells that help in resolving the issues between the people who are already in love or both share the same feelings for each other but your crush is somehow unable to express them. 

Love spells aids in paving a clear path for the relationship which got separated or which was under crisis due to some internal issues. It also helps in giving an initial push to the relationship which was waiting to be started.

The love spells work perfectly but there’s a condition which states that the feeling should be mutual. If you are performing the spells for the one who has no interest in you then the love spell won’t work. So do not abuse the relationship and rely on love spells to bring him back every time. Instead, learn to talk to him, communicate well, do sweet things, and nurture the positive energy towards a better stronger relationship so love spells can help to accelerate.


Another important thing is your passion for making your relationship perfect and free of obstacles. Every love spell requires quietness and isolation for the best performance.

If you need any assistance or any suggestion related to these free love spells you can contact us through any social media platform. You can even give me a call at +1(323) 238-5950 or email [email protected]

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