I do not take your privacy for granted, I take the privacy of all my clients and customers very seriously. I only request  you to provide information that I need in order to deliver my services or products you request properly (the information depends on the type of situation that you are passing through so you will need to contact me in order to know the kind of information I may want from you). I guarantee that all the information or even conversations shared between you and  me is private and would never be made public to any individual or organizations.  Also, all services purchased by you are strictly confidential and would never become public information. Note that the only time your problems and products purchased by you can be made public is when requested by you to be shared as a success story.

– I also maintain logs of site usage for the strict purposes of accessing how many pages our users interact with and even how long they interact with these pages.

– Like most websites, we may use “ cookies” to create  a better web experience for you. Please not that the software technology called cookies, can not be used to access your personal information like name, emails or anything that is personalized to you.

If you require more information about our privacy policy or have a few questions to ask about it, kindly contact my whatsApp  +2772 511 1678  or  [email protected] for further clarification