The break up spell works to break up the relationship between your ex lover and the person who influenced or manipulated them to leave you. Regardless of the relationship status between them, whether they are now dating each other or are just friends or even a family member. This spell helps by breaking up that relationship and removing their influence over the mind of your lover especially regarding how your lover sees you and your relationship.

The working of this spell helps to bring you back to the center of your ex lovers mind making them realize that they made a mistake by leaving you. This break up spell will also help them realize the mistake they made by listening to what other people said regarding your relationship. After this spell has been cast, your lover may seek you out or both your paths may cross unexpectedly there after giving you the opportunity to talk about things. This break up spell works perfectly well for people who believe their ex lover is their soul mate and was only influenced to leave based on the opinions of others.

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Love Binding SpellsA love binding spell is a very special type of spell, it’s a spell that unites two people together in love and keeps it pure and permanent. The spell helps people to know how it feels to have pure love and unbreakable bond. You and your partner become one body and force, that is inseparable This love binding spell is very powerful and it is advisable to only be used on relationships that have lasted for a very long time already. With the use of this spell, the bond and connection becomes stronger and more permanent, making the couple a powerhouse rooted deep in love. Mama Tee enjoys casting this spell as she loves seeing couples solidifying their relationships.


Do you have an ex you regret leaving ? Or were you the one who got dumped in the relationship? Are you desperately willing to do whatever it take to get back your ex lover? Mama Tee’s spells help to bring back all the positive moments that you shared together, erasing the bad memories that led to your break up and making your relationship go back to the love you had when you started dating. This spell is powerful and does best for those with stubborn former lovers.You are going to see your relationship with your ex who you thought would never be with you again get rekindled! All of Mama Tee’s spells have been tried and tested because they originated from a long line of Witches. Having gone down through her family, Mama Tee’s spell guarantee to bring results, made with love and confidence with the energy originating from the bottom of her heart. Mama Tee guarantees to carefully listen to your problem and help you pick the good spell suitable for your needs. Pick Mama Tee’s love Spells To Stop A Divorce with certainty that when you cooperate with her, your former lover is very soon returning back to you.


This spell is for individuals who have found their ideal partner and soul mates in the same sex. This same sex spell helps you either seek out the ideal and most suitable same sex partner for you or helps you solidify your relationship if you’re already with one. The spell helps prevent negative influence from accepting your relationship with this person, you would be protected from outside negative energy like opinions that may ruin your relationship with your lover. The biggest struggles and challenges that Same sex couples suffer is usually from external influences, with the Same sex spells you and your partner would not have to worry about that ever again. Your love and relationship is all that would matter.


All marriages have their  tests and trials ,worst of it  in extreme situations for some marriages these challenges cause  an abrupt end of them. This marriage spell works to help clean out your marriage of any unnecessary issues, fights, misunderstandings or problems. These little issues in a marriage can make the entire experience unpleasant and even drive some people to quit the marriage. With the help of this marriage spell, you won’t have to go through all these difficulties as the spell would ensure a smooth sailing for your marriage. Regardless if your marriage is already at its tipping point ( divorce ), with the use of this marriage spell you are guaranteed a reconciliation. This marriage is best for couples who love each other and are only parting ways because of unnecessary issues that are not worth or even bigger than what they share.


The commitment spell is for people who are married or in a serious relationship, but worried about their partners cheating on them or lack commitment. This spell helps to ensure your partner stays solely committed to you and your relationship so that no any external force can affect it. This would also help your partner focus and pay more attention to the relationship you share to ensure it keeps moving to new levels like engagement or moving in together.

This is a fast working spell that takes action immediately, it has been cast. So if you’re majorly interested in removing the topic of cheating or infidelity in your relationship, cast this commitment spell and relax your mind. Worrying and constantly suspecting your partner to be unfaithful can really take the joy out of a relationship. So, cast this commitment spell and remove your mind from all unnecessary worries about cheating or unfaithfulness.


This is one of Mama Tee’s favorites. Everyone is looking for their soul mate, but no one ever really finds them. Searching for a soul mate can take months, years and even lifetimes. To find that special someone who connects directly to your soul like you both were kindred spirits is very rare. This soul mate spell, helps you find that ideal partner and bring them into your life. This soul mate spell is very powerful as it influences a lot of forces in order to bring you and your soul mate together. This spell is for people who don’t want to take chances in searching for their soul mates and just want to land on their ‘Mr/Mrs Right’ just once and for all. With the use of this spell, tt is more than possible to summon a soul or love mate into your life and  you are guaranteed to come across your ideal partner and soul mate.


This lust spell is special in the sense that it brings back to life what is slowly becoming dead. Have you ever noticed how the fire burning in a relationship slowly fades and reduces as time goes by? This is particularly for married couples. After a while, the burning desire to always want to be with your partner physically, emotionally and sexually reduces, for some it even quenches. In order to prevent this from happening to you or even to put a stop to it if it’s already occurring is by casting this lust spell. This spell would work by bringing you back into the desires of your lover. They would start to relish every moment with you, they’d always want to be with you sexually and in all other aspects. So if you desire to revive the fire back in your relationship, cast this lust spell and see it come to fruition.



Nothing is more important to a couple who wants to build a family other than having children of their own. It is a common occurrence that after marriage, the couple starts to bare kids. However, there is a large percentage of people who are unable to bare children and are desperately looking for solutions. Yes, there are a lot of high tech and professional means people use to get pregnant, nonetheless, you can still adopt this fertility spell to do wonders for you. Mama Tee knows how significant getting a family is to numerous individuals and she’s had many great results with this kind of spell, with numerous people  giving her updates about their pregnancies and kids they have successfully got using her help.


The romance spell works best for couples who are seeking to reignite their old flame. Sometimes, as relationships move with time, their eventual lose that intimacy and bond that made them so lost in love. With the casting of this romance spell, you and your partner would see a rekindling of your old flame. Whether your relationship has been going on for a long time or shot fine, as long as you desire to revive that initial spark that made you both love each other so much, this romance spell would work for you. You don’t deserve a stale and unromantic relationship with your partner, you deserve a passionate and intimate relationship with you partner. So don’t sleep on how much this romance spell can do for your relationship. Get your self this special spell now.


A seal spell is like a love spell protection shield. It helps to offer an added layer of protection for your spells in order to  ensure that they actually bring about your desired results and remove any negative energy altering results. You are required to get a seal spell if you have any active love spell working, this will help protect that spell and also reduce the time frame where necessary by adding an extra emotional  energy in the spell. It is advisable to cast a seal spell while you have a love spell working.   All the spells are powerful and effective in their ways, contact Mama Tee to help you ensure that you get the right spell for your situation. [contact-cta-btn] LOVE SPELLS Love is the language of humanity, we all speak in love and live in it. We go through out our lives searching and seeking for love where ever we can find it. Regardless of who you are or where you find yourself in life, you most definitely seek out love. It is in everything we do, as human beings we constantly express it and seek it out in various people and situations. We can not do with out love, it is in all our relationships. Whether those relationships may be romantic or not, we constant interact with our partners in love. So, as important as we see love to be in our daily regular lives, why would we not see love spells in that same light. They both go together, one is the engine while the other is the facilitator. Love spells ensure the full experience of all the love you deserve. Imagine going through extreme situations just to find your soul mate and ideal partner, only to lose it because you failed to secure the relationship with a simple love binding spell. Love spells helps us not to experience such heart breaking situations by securing and protect our relationships. Love spells do so much for us in regards to how our relationships turn out. Once you see the importance and value love spells bring into our relationships, we would never over look them. Love spells work in three different ways;

  1. They work well for people who are in a secured stable relationship by ensuring the relationship moves forward and continues in a positive light. A good example of a type of love spell that does this is the Marriage spell.
  2. Love spells also help people deal with strong emotional heart breaks. Love spells can help people in such situations get back their ex lovers, so they don’t have to continue in pain and suffer the loss of that loved one. A clear example of this type of love spell is the Bring back my ex spell.
  3. Also love spells can be the additional ingredient you need to secure the bond between you and your lover. A binding love spell is a example of this type of spell. A spell that seal you and your partner together with out external influence for as long as you want.

Aside from these, there are numerous walks of your  love life in which a love spell can act on so don’t get stranded in love. You need to be happy and fully in love with someone who gives you a butterfly feeling in your stomach and Mama Tee’s love spell can just give you that. Be who you need to be with someone you need and live a fulfilling life. So why waste any more time being sad and sorry, contact Mama Tee  and get any of these love spells that will  change the story or direction of your love life. All the love spells are cast  with pure love and are customly  crafted  to suit  your individual needs and  desired goals.

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