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Spell To Make Someone Regret Leaving You: People come into your life for two major reasons. It is either to make your better or bitter. In either case, you are not in control of what the person will do to you. But one thing is certain, you can actually make someone regret what he or she did to you.

This life is a war, it’s either your become victim or victor, the choice is yours. Everybody falls in love at one point in time or another and this brings good times and blissful moments. However, if you allow yourself to be blinded by love, you are on your way to an heartbreak. And this will definitely hurt you badly.

Have this happened to you already and you are trying to find a way out? There is always a way out if you look well enough.

Have you ever thought of a spell? Yes! A spell. Casting spells is not as bad as everyone think it is, spells are just magic used to make something that seems impossible using human strength and intelligence possible.

In the case of the person that broke your heart, this spell won’t punish him or her, what this spell will do is to make him or her regret. Spell to make someone regret leaving you is a powerful spell and all that will be used to cast this spell is black magic and nothing less. 


Due to the fact that spell to make someone regret leaving you is back the magic in nature, it works in dynamic ways. Its dynamic ways of working make it very effective. More so, this spell leaves no room for failures. All the ways that this spell intends to act works to achieve on the same goal which is to make your lover regret leaving you.

There are certain things that are most likely to happen after casting this spell to make someone regret leaving you. The very first thing that your lover will do when the spell begins to manifest is to break up or cut all ties with his or her new partner. Reason being that, your lover will understand what true love is all about and what it means to fall in love with a perfect one. Although the breakup might be gradual nevertheless, It won’t take up to three days. After that has been completed, the rest will fall into place without issues.

Second Effect

The second effect of casting a spell to make someone regret leaving you is called a reformation effect. In this case, your lover will find himself or herself a remote place to sit down and reflect back on what you have and what he wants me in a woman.

After this, he will realize that all he or she wants are bestowed in you. But unfortunately, he or she has already left you, that’s exactly where regret begins to set in. Your lover will begin to regret his or her actions because it seems a bit too late to come back to you.

If you wish to make things more difficult for him or her. You can start living your life like his or her absence means nothing to you and you are fine without him or her in it.  This will make the intensity of his or her regret to increase beyond what he or she can cope with. As a result of this, the urge to fight back will set in.  In the process of trying to win you back, he or she will do certain things.

These includes:

  • Your lover will come to you on his or her knees begging you to forgive him or her. Because no single day passes by without him or her thinking about the greatest gift he or she has lost.
  • He or she will be ready to do anything to make you happy if you decide to take him or her back into your life.
  • The love between both of you will increase and it will keep burning as long as you want it to.

Although deciding who will fall in love with is beyond our reach. When it comes to making an ex lover regret, the choice is all yours.

One final thing, you can actually decide to let him or she continue to leave with the regret if you actually in love with someone else. It is your call to make.

Casting this spell to make someone regret leaving you is easy, all you need to do is contact Mama Tee and she will cast this spell on your behalf.

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